RM58 SOFT - upholstered version

The 'Soft' is a contemporary, upholstered version of the historic RM58 armchair. The 'Soft' seat is made of polyurethane foam and has been completely redesigned to ensure maximum comfort. The Soft is available in 3 fabrics and more than 35 colors.

The RM58 is a modern version of the groundbreaking armchair designed by Roman Modzelewski. Handmade in 1958, it was one of the earliest Polish examples of polyester-glass laminate furniture, but its innovativeness lay not only in the materials used in its production. The fully-closed organic form of the seat had no counterpart in its time, either in Poland or elsewhere.
One of the earliest surviving prototypes (in white) was purchased for the permanent design collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
The use of new materials and industrial technologies in the production of the RM58 armchair by VZOR made it possible to overcome the constraints of craft manufacturing and to offer a product of consistently high quality which can be produced quickly and relatively cheaply, in large batches.

VZOR has extended the RM58 collection in 2016 with a fabric version, which offers a new aesthetic appeal in a variety of new, modern colors, specially chosen in consultation with the patent holder, the widow of Roman Modzelewski, Wera Modzelewska.